MSC Virtual 2020 Best Publication Awards(Malaysia Stroke Virtual Conference 2020)

Submission Deadline extended to 30th July 2020 CLOSED

The Best Publication Award and Young Investigator Award comes with Recognition Certificate and Cash award of MYR 1,500!

Name of awards

  1. Best Publication
    1. Clinical
    2. Basic science
  2. Young Investigator Award for Best Publication
    1. Clinical
    2. Basic science

Target & eligibility

  1. Academicians, clinicians, scientists, doctors, technicians, trainees and students working in public and private institutions in Malaysia or Malaysians working abroad.
  2. Aged 40 and below at the time of publication for the Young Investigator category.


  1. To encourage and promote original scientific research in basic, clinical, and interdisciplinary neurosciences
  2. To recognize outstanding and relevant research by Malaysians in the above specific categories of basic and clinical neurosciences that have been recognised and published in peer review journals. 

Criteria for award

The Malaysia Stroke Council Award for Best Publication shall be given to first/corresponding authors who have published a paper in the field of stroke in a scientific journal, adjudged to be the best paper during the eligible period from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2020. The research has to be done in Malaysia or by Malaysians working overseas.

The Malaysia Stroke Council Young Investigator Award for Best Publication shall be given to the first/corresponding author of a stroke-related paper who is 40 years old and below at the time the paper is accepted or published. The eligibility period is from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2020. The research and content of the paper judged has to be conducted in Malaysia or by Malaysians working abroad. 

Closing date of application

All applications must be completed and submitted before 30 June 2020. Submission after the deadline will not be considered. 

Rules and regulations

  1. A committee of judges with appropriate clinical and scientific backgrounds shall decide the recipients for these awards
  2. All decisions of the committee shall be final
  3. No award shall be given if there are no suitable candidates
  4. The same paper shall not be given the same award more than once
  5. All Malaysians or employees of public or private Malaysians institutions shall be eligible for the award. However, the final decision on eligibility shall be the responsibility of the committee
  6. Each applicant can only submit one publication for the award.

Evaluation process and criteria

Applications deemed eligible are subject to review by the Judges’ Panel or selection committee who will decide on merits of the original paper by the following criteria:

  1. Overall quality and significance of research
  2. Degree of relevance to neurology, neurosurgery, and neurosciences in Malaysia
  3. Calibre and impact factor of the scientific journal
  4. Citation index of the paper

All publications including systematic review will be accepted. Case reports, case series, review articles, and letters are not accepted.

Nature of Award

Certificates and cash award will be given to Best Publication and Young Investigator Award for Best Publication of the year. This is not renewable. It is the prerogative of the awardee to decide on the disbursement of the monetary award to other authors of the winning paper. 

How to Submit: 

  1. Submission are accepted via email to the conference secretariat at
  2. Please email the details as below together with your publication. Delegate may submit more than ONE eligible publication (please use the same email address).
    1. Full Name
    2. Your institution
    3. Your date of birth
    4. Category: State the category which BEST describes the content of your publication. Categories are used for reviewing and indexing purposes.
      • Clinical
      • Basic Science
  3. Email your publication with the information above to the conference secretariat at